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Super Suede Leather beater bag


The color of the leather may vary from the picture in this ad. Expect tan, gray, or brown.

$179.00 *plus shipping (Mallet sold separately)

(U.S.Domestic Shipping)
(International Shipping)

The dimensions for this beater bag is 22″ x 32″ and roughly 4″ filled.

Pro Shaper Tools’ professional quality suede leather beater bags are triple stitched, with a small opening left on the seam for you to easily fill with 00 sand and seal with 5 minute epoxy. These bags are very supple and will serve you a lifetime of professional use. The suede leather provides a degree of grip so your sheetmetal panel doesn’t slip when hammering. Filling instructions included. I sell these bags all over the world.

Bag is sold empty. Mallet is NOT included!