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The Best English Wheel Gloves – 1 Dozen

1 Dozen Wheel Gloves



12 Pairs of the Best English Wheel Gloves – $59 + Free Shipping!

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For years I have always shaped panels on an English wheel with bare hands. Recently a student of my sheet metal shaping class brought a few pairs of these gloves with him. I tried them and I was immediately sold.

One size (XL) fits all. When you see them they look small but they are so stretchable they will fit from the smallest to the largest hand.

They are one piece knit construction, tough and strong, with a rubberized palm. The rubberized palm provides you with an excellent grip. The danger of a panel slipping through your hands and cutting yourself on the edge is almost impossible while wearing these gloves. If you have sweaty hands which cause steel panels to rust and aluminum panels to gum up these gloves will keep your panels shining like chrome. The very thin construction allows you to feel the panel as you are developing it without having to take the gloves off.