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1933 Packard Macauley Speedster Wireform


Wray Schelin’s Pro Shaper Shop Tour


Scratchbuilt XK 120 Jaguar Special


3 Day Finishing Class


My student made a Welding Helmet


Small Metal Sculpture made in the September Class


Midget Racer Tail Section


Here is the story of my new shop designed and built power hammer


Helve Hammer


Scratchbuilt Bugatti


Revere Almost Finished


Revere Close to being Finished


Mr. G’s One Minute Video


TIG Welding Trick Part 2


TIG Welding Trick Part 1


July 2017 Class


Sam explaining the wireform


June class 2017 and Michas finished turtle


Micah creating a turtle shell from copper


Finished TIG welding two 10ft Seams


Aluminum TIG welding 10ft Seams


Coachbuilding Class Project May 2017


My New Power Hammer


Coachbuilding class project- Sean’s scratchbuilt Frank Kurtis influenced street racer


The story of my new shop designed and built double headed power hammer


Flexible Shape Pattern


Part 2:The Harbor Freight upgrade kit being used.

Part 1:The Harbor Freight upgrade kit being used.


Polishing Anvils


Harbor Freight English wheel modification kit stage one


Compared Shrinking Methods


Jaguar E-Type fender part 1


Jaguar E-Type fender part 2


Jaguar E-Type fender part 3

Jaguar E-Type fender part 4

Submarine Panel


Jaguar Mini Fender