Father and Son/Daughter Coachbuilding Class

Bobs car

2017 schedule 4-day Pro Shaper coachbuilding class.

Father and Son/Daughter Coachbuilding Class Sale!

Now untill the end of March!

The classes run from Friday – Monday 9am – 10pm and can be purchased for $1500 below.

Father and son/daughter coachbuilding class sale. Buy one spot and you both can attend and learn and work on a project together. The son or daughter must be at least 12. No experience needed. For this hobby/craft/business to grow we will need to attract the youth into the hobby exposing them at a very young age to the art and technology that is present in every collector car. I learned the same lessons when I went to work part time at my grandfathers restoration shop back in 1963 when I was 12.

Offer limited:

From now until the end of March I’m offering this special sale on my four day coachbuilding class. You will be able to apply this class special to any of the dates left in my 2017 class schedule. You must purchase the class before the end of March to qualify for this sale.

Purchase the class and leave a note stating you will be attending with your son or daughter. If you purchase a date and then a schedule conflict arises or an illness, I do allow transferring into a later month.
Students will be learning/working on three amazing scratchbuilt specials that are in the shop, you can also bring a project if that serves your interests better. Picture above is one of the specials that students will be working on.

Pre #Fathersday present.

January 6,7,8,9

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February 3,4,5,6

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March 3,4,5,6

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Description of class:

Students can bring projects (call to discuss your project well in advance of the class) or work on one of the many projects that are available in the shop.  I always encourage challenging projects even if you are a total novice to the craft.

On Friday morning I start off by defining an easy to understand  vocabulary of the craft.  With each defined term I demonstrate the several  established  techniques and some of my own to create perfect sheet metal panels.  Late on Friday students  practice  the various shrinking , stretching, and planishing techniques that I previously explained and demonstrated. On Saturday projects are started.  I have found it is best to group students in teams working together on a project, each student reinforces the other. If someone prefers to work alone on a project that is not a problem.  If there are six or more students in a class I bring in one or more instructors to help with the class.

The project part of the class reinforces what you have learned.  Usually it takes till Sunday afternoon for the theory, practice, and understanding of the potential of the various tools to start clicking and the confidence level to start building. Smiles start to appear as very complicated projects start to take shape-confidence builds, discussions generate, and ideas start to gel .  The power of craftsmanship and creativity kick in and that is what it is all about. The unity of craftsmanship and creativity are one of life’s greatest pleasures.

To get an idea of the facility I have posted pictures of the tools that are in the shop,I will have more by the end of 2017. We’re currently building a double headed  large scale power hammer ( see picture-the hammer should be finished within 30 days ) so that hammer techniques can also be a major component of the class.  By the end of 2017 I intend to have two double headed full size power hammers and ten  large English wheels for students to use. All the shaping tools are of my own design and built in the shop.

Payment can be made by clicking on the desired month below on this page. Payment can also be made over the phone by credit card please call (508) 347-7749

The class starts at 9:00am till noon. One hour off for lunch (free lunch included everyday). Class resumes at 1:00pm and runs through 5:30pm.  Break one and a half hours for supper ( there are at least twenty restaurants in the area.) The class starts again at 7:00pm and runs to till 10:00 pm.


Days Inn in Sturbridge 508 347 1978 ( 10 miles away) offers my students their corporate rate ( around $60.00 per night you must mention you are attending the class)  The Days Inn is an excellent motel, I have had zero negative feedback from students. There are at least 20 other motels in the area to choose from.

Februray 2017 Class 1

Februray 2017 Class 6

Wray Schelin 508 347 7749: Owner Pro Shaper Sheet Metal LLC at 253C Worcester Rd. Charlton, Massachusetts 01507 a 20000sq ft facility dedicated to all things related to the craft of sheet metal shaping, with currently 10 employees working for clients on diverse coachbuilding and other projects.

Februray 2017 Class 7

Design and Bucks:

Discussion and demonstration of the different methods used to develop a shape.
Wood bucks
Metal bucks
Flexible shape patterns

Februray 2017 Class 9

Februray 2017 Class 2


Discussion and demonstration of the full spectrum of tools available to shape sheet metal.


Space requirements

Shop made tooling

Noise factors

Old class photo

Welding methods:.

How to create a perfect butt joint.

How to make a perfect weld that when done is invisible on both sides of the panel.

How to remove the distortion in the sheet caused by the heat.

How to properly grind and finish welds.

Bobs car

Shaping methods:

Discussion and demonstration of the many ways to shrink and stretch sheet metal.

Standard compound curves

Reverse compound curves

Shearing methods

Different methods used around the world


How to add beads, beltlines, joggles, raised sections, wired edges, flanges, hems, etc.


Methods used to finish a panel so no filler is needed.
I suggest that all students  bring a welding helmet, welding gloves, eye and ear protection, a notebook, and a camera.