Employment Opportunities

Metal Shaper / Coachbuilder
Revival Cycles (Austin, TX)

World known Motorcycle Customization workshop is growing! We are looking
for a person who gets the job done, and done right the first time. Must be
a perfectionist who thrives on doing the best work possible and being
pushed to excel.

The Workshop Fabricator will be primarily responsible for building and
fabrication motorcycle bodywork, exhaust systems, and frames. They will
work well in a collaborative team environment and be masters of their
craft. Their motorcycle fabrication experience will allow them to fabricate
fenders, fuel tanks, tail sections, fairings from aluminum without issue.
They will be master welders and able to weld aluminum, stainless steel, and
Tig to a very high standard.

This team member will enjoy collaborating with other highly skilled
professionals while also enjoying their chosen craft’s autonomy. Regularly
working to strict deadlines and creating world-class work will be their
passion. A passion for motorcycles and design is a must, along with a
never-ending drive to improve and take on new challenges. This team member
will be respectful, punctual, and maintain a positive attitude. Their clean
and organized work surroundings are a must to produce the high level of
work expected.

Fabrication: Aluminum metal shaping, using English wheels, planishing
hammer, hammer and dollies, shears, files, sanders, etc., is everyday life.
An equally important skill set required is TIG welding all thicknesses of
aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, mild steel. Competence with
oxy/acetylene torch, plasma cutter, tubing bender, hydraulic press, bead
roller, die grinders, angle grinders, sanders, polishing wheels, and
compounds. Experience of the entire motorcycle build process is a must.

Communication / Professionalism: The Workshop Fabricator will be an
excellent communicator who conveys their vision and uses their experience
to guide the fabrication process. Respectful, courteous, and professional
communication is expected and required. Computer experience is required for
project management, cross-departmental communication, and material/tool

Flexibility: The Workshop Fabricator will be a focused professional who can
pivot on a project as required by timeline constraints. The ability to
manage multiple projects and hit deadlines is a must, along with the
ability to stretch into new projects and fabrication opportunities.

This is a full-time position in Austin, TX. Qualified candidates must
submit a current resume, complete a questionnaire, and be prepared for a
two-week “try-out” period.

Chris Davis
*Revival Cycles*
(512) 291-3377

If you have a shop or know of any opportunities for Metal Shapers / Coachbuilders, send us an email and we’ll be happy to display your listing on our website and social media accounts.