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Metal Fabrication Shop Special!

Do you own a shop and are looking for training for your crew? We are now offering specials for shops to send your crew down to work on a your project during class at our fully equipped shop. This offer is for you to train your guys and bill the hours they would be learning, back to your customer. We will allow you to send 2 guys and a project for 

For a limited time offer our shop will provide any and all tools you will need to complete your scratch build car or restore your old one! For $1500 you can bring your car to our shop receive the 4-Day metal shaping class and have an additional 60 hours to work on it here. Our crew will assist you in any way to make sure your project car leaves here perfect!


$4000 (Plus materials) for two people and your project (4 day Metal Shaping Class + 3 Day Finishing class and 60 additional hours!

$2000 (Plus Materials) for the 4-day (40 hour) Metal Shaping class two people plus your project!

(For details about this program or to purchase please contact Wray (508) 347-7749)

You employees will leave here with
the focus on all the steps to taking a flat sheet of metal, learning all the different methods of shrinking / stretching and planishing that metal and fitting that developed panel onto a buck. Welding, edge work,  beading, detail work and surface quality are some of the other skill sets taught.

Advanced Finishing class with the focus on perfecting the surface quality and flow of panels. Wiring edges, flanging edges, developing the weld joint and welding together, clean up of the weld, symmetry, panel assembly flow, and all of the finishing details will be the goal of each student.

Additional learning which can focus on any aspect the student feels he / she needs improvement in. 

If for any reason you chose a date and cannot make it, you may change to a different date that works for you. 


If you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call Wray (508) 347-7749