Metal Shaping Master Apprentice Program

Metal Shaping Apprenticeship

2000 hours for $14,999

Do you have a desire to shape metal and/or become a top coachbuilder? We will guide you with the knowledge to be the best. The master metal shaping apprenticeship program will focus on all the steps to taking a flat sheet of metal, learning all the different methods of shrinking / stretching and planishing that metal, then fitting that developed panel onto a buck. Welding, edge work,  beading, detail work and surface quality are some of the other skill sets taught. Perfecting the surface quality and flow of panels. Wiring edges, flanging edges, developing the weld joint and welding together, clean up of the weld, symmetry, panel assembly flow, and all of the finishing details will be the goal of each apprentice. We will instruct you to build a frame, create wireforms, build a superleggera structure and more! This apprenticeship includes all of our monthly classes and the ability to work one on one with Wray. Learn in our fully equipped 20,000 sq. ft. shop.

After 1000 hours you will be tested on all the skills you have learned so far. If you meet or exceed expectations you have the possibility to be paid for your remaining apprenticeship. Once your apprenticeship has been completed, we will help you through our extensive list of employers with job placement!

This apprenticeship includes building your own English Wheel to take home so you can continue your metal shaping journey! Materials and Machining costs are extra.

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2000 Hour Apprenticeship – $14999