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December 2017 Class

The December four day coachbuilding class starts tomorrow at 9:00am. We finished the class project wireform at midnight. 1948 Virgil Exner designed futuristic Studebaker. 

Day one progress at the Pro Shaper Sheet Metal four day coachbuilding class. 

Day two progress at the Pro Shaper Sheet Metal four day coachbuilding class. The class is shaping panels for the 1948 Virgil Exner designed futuristic Studebaker. I can’t believe how fast this class is learning, some of the panels need some tuning and welding but I believe by next Monday night most of this wire form will be covered. High crown shapes are achieved mostly by shrinking with a mallet and shrinking facilitators. Low crown panels are English wheeled.

Day three of the Pro Shaper four day coachbuilding class. This class is enthusiastic and cranking out panels. Lots of tuning and welding tomorrow, and the class will have shaped most of the panels for the Virgil Exner designed 1948 Studebaker futurcar. What a masterpiece design this is.

Day four ProShaper coachbuilding class finale pictures.

By far this was the most productive class ever, what a great bunch of enthusiastic guys! Here are a few pictures of the 1948 Virgil Exner designed futuristic Studebaker which the students all made panels for.

Lots more to do, that is what ProShaper three day finishing class will be doing, tuning and welding panels together.

The goal for next year’s classes is to build at least seven icon cars bodies at the classes, including a 300S Maserati, 550 Porsche, C-type Jaguar, 2.9 Alfa Romeo Lemans racer, Daytona Coupe, and more….

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