Planishing hammer that I designed and built

A little more tool porn for tonight. Here is a photo of my special operations planishing hammer that I designed and built. I have another planishing hammer that I use most of the time for planishing welds and small areas that the English wheel can’t reach. This planishing hammer has a lot of adjustment potential built in so I can tune the contact area location of any special die that I make. The lower arm moves in and out, up and down on a rack and pinion/lock system, the front section of the lower arm will pivot forward and backward, the front section of the lower arm will move side to side, and the tool holder will lock the tool and rotate. The air motor is a CP type 2 made by Michigan Pneumatic. I originally intended to use a cable to work the motor, but it didn’t have a good feel. The Rube Goldberg style mechanical action of rods and levers won the day. It works great and looks cool. I admit I was a tad over the top when I designed this… If I make another one I have a much easier design that will do all that this design does. I use this hammer only for tricky planishing operations. Most of the time it sits idle, but I’m glad I have it.-Wray

We will be doing a series on how to make your own tools on our youtube channel. Be sure to check it out regularly!

planishing hammer