Frank Curtis inspired Sports Racer

My friend and student Sean Colsen from RI just sent me a progress picture of his all aluminum body, tube frame, scratch-built, Frank Kurtis inspired Sports racer he is building for fair weather driving. It is powered by a Pontiac supercharged SoIstice four cylinder.

I met Sean five years ago when he offered to volunteer at my shop. He wanted to learn as much as he could. He also took my coachbuilding class and started building his chassis for his scratch-build project. Once the chassis was completed he made a clay model of the body design he wanted. He then brought the chassis to my shop and started the wireform based on the model. Once the wireform was completed I had one of my coachbuilding classes focus on Sean’s build. The class made quite a few preliminary panels out of 20 gauge steel using the wireform as a guide. The purpose of the steel preliminary panels is to prove out the surface flow and design, later using my flexible shape pattern method they were copied,tweaked and welded by Sean in his home shop in aluminum.

I love the design and results, great job Sean Colsen.