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Metal Shaping Mallet Set (Wooden Handle) with Delrin Heads


The ultimate metal shaping mallet (Wooden Handle) With Delrin Heads

Metal Shaping Mallet $249.00 * plus shipping

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This is a brand new Pro Shaper Tools mallet design, featuring a steel tubing head with a wooden handle. The UHMW plastic medium crown and low crown heads move metal fast without scratching or scaring the metal. Large o-rings add protection on the head from scratching and also add a nice design element. A soft rubber wrap grip insures the mallet stays in your hand also provides vibration protection.The mallet features a 20″overall length insuring a very strong blow for crushing gathers when shrinking sheet metal. This mallet design has been tested at my sheet metal shaping classes.

Four heads included:   Low crown, medium crown, high crown, chisel end.