6″ Foam Soft Backing Pad

6″ Foam Soft Backing Pad Flexible backing pad ideal for all brands of dual action polishing machines with 5/16″ dia thread. Hook and loop surface compatible with any 6″ foam or microfiber pads. 46 degree edge for excellent edge flexibility Solid riveted construction and aluminum … Continue reading6″ Foam Soft Backing Pad

Caulking Tool Kit

Caulking Tool Kit In this kit you will receive (5) 4.5″ Lengths of Delrin (1″ O.D.) so you can grind it to your preferred shape. 7″ Long piece of solid round stock with a 1″ Outer Diameter 3″ Long piece of hollow round stock measuring … Continue readingCaulking Tool Kit

Flange Nut 5/8 x 11

Flange Nut 5/8 x 11 (This is the correct flange nut for using the 9″ Disk) Flange Nut 5/8 x 11 $30 + $10 Shipping This flange nut is for the American standard autobody grinder for mounting our shrinking discs. To mount to a different … Continue readingFlange Nut 5/8 x 11