Coach building Class February 2015 – Part 3

A few final pictures from my February coachbuilding class. The class made quite a few panels for the 550 Porsche Spyder build project and several panels for the Cobra.
1 – Nick made,fit, and riveted the aluminum securing edge to the tubing support structure for the new Cobra hood skin.
2 -The next picture is Nick hemming the edge after he had turned the edge with the tipping wheel.
3 -Test fitting the new hood skin to the car.
4 -A fine job!

What an outstanding class this was, all super motivated true blue car guys. Lots of fun times and great conversations. At all of my classes friendships are forged and sheet metal is shaped. The next class starts Friday March 6. Kevin will be back with his Cobra in addition to the 550 Porsche Spyder build. Wray


Picture 1



Picture 2Nick_2


Picture 3Nick_3


Picture 4Cobra_hood