Some day three pictures from Wray Schelin’s March 2015 coachbuilding class in Stafford Springs, CT. Tim from MO has been shaping a new .060″ 3003 aluminum boot lid skin for Kevin’s Cobra. He has the two panels that make up the boot lid skin all perfect (completed pictures will be posted tomorrow). The next step is adding the detail for the plate light.
Here are a few pictures showing Tim caulking in the details using a Delrin tipped caulking tool, with the panel anchored on a post dolly nesting in clay. The clay acts as the female part of the die. The plate light detail came out beautiful. Tim has a Harbor Freight English wheel at home and has wheeled up some very impressive panels on it. Here, shaping on my English wheels he has been spoiled and now he has the intent of upgrading his English wheel. He wheels like he is a twenty year master of the craft. Wrayimage1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6