10 Super Magnets






10 Super Magnets: to hold your patterns on sheet metal

10 Super magnets $60.00 *plus shipping

For ten years now I have been using these magnets everyday when making sheet metal panels. Anybody that has attended my sheet metal shaping class knows how great these magnets work. I use them to stick on paper patterns and flexible shape patterns. I also use them to hold drawings close to where I’m working when turning or milling parts.

I’ve tried three or four types of magnets and at least five different sizes. I find this size works the best. They have a 5 lb pull and will even pull through aluminum, brass, or copper sheet metal to allow you to place one magnet under the panel with one on top to hold your patterns.

I glue the magnets onto 1/4 x 20 bolts to allow easy placement and removal. Without the bolt it is very difficult to remove or place the magnets.

I will combine shipping if you purchase several items.