June 2017 Coachbuilding-Metal Shaping Class

The June class finished last night it was another awesome opportunity to meet a great group of people that have a passion for learning all they could about the craft of shaping and welding sheet metal into art- car forms, or sculpture.
Micah Wolfe-Parsons from OK attended with her husband Jimmy Doc Parsons. Doc mostly watched, encouraged, and assisted Micah.
Micah’s father owned a junk yard and an auto body shop so she grew up with all things automotive. She can clip a wreck together or install a late model motor in a early car and make it all work. She is amazing!
She took my class to expand her shaping knowledge so she can make more animal and bird sculptures.
She had the plan all set at the beginning of the class, she wanted to make a large turtle sculpture. She listened closely to my instructions and took it all in. I soon learned you only need show her once and she got it.
She was so thankful for all she had learned that she offered to make this video- enjoy.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzk_5GGfg48[/youtube]