5″ Diameter Shrinking Disc 5″


5″ Diameter Shrinking Disc 5″ Shrinking Disc

5_inch_diameter_Shrinking disk
5_inch_Shrinking disk_top
5_inch_Shrinking disk_bottom

New 5″ Shrinking Disc (Stainless Steel)

5” dia Shrinking Disc $39.00 * plus shipping

This is for the Shrinking Disc Only. (Does not come with backing pad)

This is the original smooth and safe edge shrinking disc

•Use this five inch diameter shrinking disc on confined surface areas that are not accessible with my larger 9″ dia. shrinking discs.

•This smaller disc should not be used as a substitute for my nine inch shrinking disc.

•I use my shrinking discs on every panel I make ( aluminum and steel) to super smooth the surface. Any panel when finished whether new or repaired is left ready for primer ( bondo filler free).

•I teach how to properly use my shrinking discs at all of my sheetmetal shaping classes.

•Mount with standard 7/8″ dia. ( 5/8 x 11 thread) autobody grinder flange nut. To mount to a different thread or grinder stud size you will have to adapt a bushing or collar( very easy to do) I sell these all over the world.

•Made from 16 gage stainless, this tool will last for many years.

Please also check out our article on how we removed a 30 years old dent with simple hand tools and our shrinking disc. 

How to install your 5′ Shrinking Disc

Place the 2 washers on first

Put the backing pad on top of the washers

Place the shrinking disc with the rounded edge up

             Screw on the flange neck nut (Make sure the nut and spindle are both below the working surface)