9″ Shrinking Disc Combo


9″ Shrinking Disk Combo



9" Shrinking Disc Combo


9″ Shrinking Disk Combo $104.00 * plus shipping (Free Shipping in U.S. only)


Please also check out our article on how we removed a 30 years old dent with simple hand tools and our shrinking disc. 


•This tool will pay for itself the first time you use it!!!!

•A shrinking disc allows you to shrink stretched sheetmetal panels easily and with great control!

•A shrinking disc will allow you to master the process of butt welding sheetmetal!

•After seeing what a shrinking disc can do you will be saying to yourself. ” I wish I had a shrinking disc years ago”

•Make Bondo dust a memory, repair sheetmetal panels to perfection with a shrinking disc!

•A shrinking disc is one of the most effective autobody panel tools available today!

•Every car collector, Hot Rod builder, and custom builder should have a ProShaper Tools shrinking disc in their toolbox!

Made from .060″ stainless steel. My thicker discs will last for years of heavy use, run safer, and super smooth panels better than others offered in the marketplace.

A shrinking disc is the most effective autobody and sheetmetal smoothing tool, used properly you will achieve repairs and panels that will need no filler. Add up how much you spend on fillers and sandpaper in a year and you will see a shrinking disc will save you lots of money and provide you with the confidence of a true craftsman.

Shrinking discs are a must have tool after butt welding in restoration repair patch panels. You’ll be able to make welded in patch panels look like they were never there. A shrinking disc works by creating heat through friction. The heated high spots on a panel when cooled shrink. Once you get proficient in using a shrinking disc the results will astound you.
Works equally well on steel or aluminum. I have been using shrinking discs for over 20 years. With a PayPal payment I ship the next day priority mail, same day if possible.


Pro Shaper Tools DVD Video Lesson:

Dent Repair and the Shrinking Disc

If you are restoring a collector car or building a hotrod you can benifit greatly learning the techniques contained in this video!

Wray Schelin explains and demonstrates the professional techniques used to remove dents in sheetmetal panels using simple inexpensive tools in a very easy to understand step by step process. Watch how a Pro Shaper Tools smooth-and-safe stainless steel shrinking disc is used to return a damaged area on a 35 Chrysler front fender to a super smooth condition. Learn how to make bondo free dent repairs !

A professional quality DVD video ( professional two camcorder shoot) presentation which allows you to see everything clearly as it happens.


This is a new product I have developed to insure proper support for my 9″ dia. shrinking discs. A proper mounting of my 9″ dia. shrinking disc should include a 3″ to 4″ dia. mount flange ( standard equipment with most 7 and 9 inch autobody right angle grinders) then the 9″ back-up pad, then the shrinking disc. The securing nut should be below flush so it won’t rub on the panel when using the disc.

How to mount your 9″ Shrinking Disc

(You need to purchase the backing pad if you haven’t done so already)

Place the support hub on first (Necessary)  it comes with the grinder when you buy it new

Put the backing pad on top concave side up

Place the 9″ shrinking disc on top with the rounded edge up.

         Screw on the flange neck nut (Make sure the nut and spindle are both below the working surface)