Advanced Metal Shaping Kit


Advanced Metal Shaping Kit

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Advanced Metal Shaping Kit

The advanced Metal Shaping Kit includes:
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Your choice of either the wooden handle or the metal handle mallet

Metal Shaping Mallet Set (Wood Handle) – Comes with 4 shaping heads (Low, Medium, High crown and the wedge end)

Metal Shaping Mallet Set (Metal Handle) – Comes with 4 shaping heads (Low, Medium, High crown and the chisel end)

Move sheet metal fast! Get a panel to 80 or 90% quickly, everyone of my coachbuilding class students see how fast this mallet can make shapes happen. USA, CNC precision made, aluminum head, hickory handle, quick and easy change head design with solid locking including directional locking of the working head.Steel stems on all of the mallet heads which insures secure head locking. Stretching, shrinking, linear stretching, and reverse curves are all easy with this mallet because it moves metal fast. Plenty of clearance for the handle as the panel shape develops. Precision balanced head and handle ratio for maximum metal movement.

20″ Suede Leather Beater Bag – Pro Shaper Tools’ professional quality suede leather beater bags are triple stitched, with a small opening left on the seam for you to easily fill with 00 sand and seal with 5 minute epoxy. These bags are very supple and will serve you a lifetime of professional use. The suede leather provides a degree of grip so your sheetmetal panel doesn’t slip when hammering. Filling instructions included. I sell these bags all over the world. Bag is sold empty. 

The color of the leather may vary from the picture in this ad. Expect tan, blue, gray, or brown. 

Shrinking Disc Combo –  (5″ shrinking disc, 5″ Backing Pad, 9″ shrinking disc, 9″ Backing Pad and DVD) I use my shrinking discs on every panel I make ( aluminum and steel) to super smooth the surface. Any panel when finished whether new or repaired is left ready for primer ( bondo filler free). 



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Advanced Metal Shaping Kit

Wooden Handle, Metal Handle, Fiberglass Handle